Sunday, July 26, 2009

A wonderful weekend!

Addison, Thomas, and I have had a really great weekend. Our weekend kicked off Friday morning, when Addison and I had a date to Maxey Park. She loved going down the bumpy slide and made the "uh uh uh" noise. She always looked so cautious going down every time.

After a fun time at the park, we headed over to the Honors College to bring Daddy a picnic lunch. We packed little mini sandwiches, cheez-its, grapes, and chocolate cookies...Addison had little mini raviolis (she is still trying to decide about plain meat). After lunch, Addy had a nap and then we played dress-up with mommy's old costume jewelry.

On Saturday, we started out at Babies R'Us since we had a $10 gift card from Addison's bday that we still had not used. We bought Addison some new shoes and a new Melissa and Doug fish puzzle. We then went to this really great educational toy store called Building Blocks! So Much Fun! Thomas and I wanted to buy everything in there, but we stuck to just one toy. We have been working on animal noises with Addison and so we bought her a farm tractor that will move around the room when you push a button and it will sing old macdonald, as well as make each of the animal noises when you push on the animal. Did I mention that it is ..So fun!!?

After that we took Addison to lunch at Chick-fil-a, where she would not touch the chicken nuggets!! LOL . We also took her to Pet Smart which is right across the street. The minute we pull into the parking lot she starts getting so excited, she recognizes the sign. Since we do not have a zoo...this is our next best thing! There is a doggy day camp and the dogs are all playing in a room that is glasses in so the customers can watch and Addison just loves it. Also, on Saturday and Sundays are pet adoption day so we can see some more puppies and kittens. There is alot of high pitched schreels going on when she sees all the animals! We took Addison to Bahama Bucks after dinner and she really enjoyed that, but I think she enjoyed the little drink umbrellas more.

We then had Addison try out her brand new toddler toothbrush. She has done really well with her infant toothbrush and she has been lately watching us brush our teeth and will do the sign for brush teeth and say teeth while we are doing it. So, we thought it was time for her to move up to a big girl toothbrush. She did great! She new exactly what to do it with it. We of course had to help her to actually brush her teeth, but she placed it in her mouth and moved it around!

On Sunday, we deemed it Daddy-Daughter Star Wars day! They looked so cute in their shirts! We took Addison to the park again today, since it was alittle overcast. She had fun playing with Daddy.

YAY! for weekends! I love our together time!

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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