Saturday, June 30, 2012

Swim Lessons

For the past two weeks, Addison has been going to her swim lessons at Texas Tech. We have been doing this since she was a year old. She has done the mommy and me class 2 years in a row and this will be the second year to do the aqua tots. Last year, was a good start to get her introduced to swimming movements and to feel more comfortable in the pool: getting her face wet and blowing bubbles. It was a great help in getting her excited for Mia and Pop's pool! This year, she was given the opportunity to be more independent in the class. She was asked to jump in to the instructor, they had to have their whole head dipped under and hold their breath, kicking and scooping their hands was required more, etc. She gained quite a bit of confidence and excitement in doing all of these things. Thomas and I also decided to get a membership to the Tech pool so that we could go and cool off from this horrible heat and have some family time! This has increased Addison's swimming abilities tremendously! She is now wanting to be independent in all things that we do in the pool. She is jumping off the diving board, swimming on her own, attempting to dive for rings (although I am having to push her down), opening her eyes underwater, and wanting to be in the lazy river (which has a pretty quick current) without a life jacket. We are sooo pleased with the progress she has made in the pool this summer. I wanted to share the videos we have been taking of her and the photos!

Practicing her kicks in the pool with Ms. Caitlin.

Waiting to get in the pool with her class.

Smiling for momma.

Doing her "Motorboat song" to practice slow and fast kicks.

More practicing.

Getting so brave, swimming with her head in the water on the lazy river, while taking a "Noodle Adventure"

Jumping off the diving board by herself!

Much Love, The Reynolds

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Critter Fest

On Saturday, we took Addison to the annual Critter Fest that is held at the Science Spectrum. There are always lots of local animal shelters and pet stores showing off what animals they have, there are the dog training folks, there are the Alligator people from Houston and the Tiger show, and lastly, crafts, face painting, and sugary food.  She really enjoyed touching and looking at all the animals inside, from dogs, cats, ducklings, turtles, rabbits, reptiles, and more! Thomas and I were about to die from heat exhaustion, Thomas was more of a trooper then I was and chased her around while I sat or waddled slowly behind. At the end, Addison was able to pick two animals that she wanted to ride; her choices were camel, pony, and elephant. She surprisingly did not pick the elephant! Overall, though hot and somewhat miserable the whole time, it was a fun to see Addison enjoying herself so much!!

Much Love,
The Reynolds

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Our Dancing Pony

We were so proud of Addison 2 Fridays ago when she went up on stage and danced with all her girl buddies in front of over 300 people. She had such excitement and NO FEAR what so ever!! She was our little dancing pony and she shined!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

2012 Summer Singing Recital

A couple of weeks ago, Addison had her spring recital for her Vocal Ensemble class at Joyful Noise Music Studio. This will be the last time for a while that she will do this music class, since we would like her to continue her Kindermusic class and have Avett involved in a Kindermusic, as well! We just love her love of music and how happy and excited she is to be up there on the stage! She doesn't have to be the most involved student or the most on task child up on that stage!! As long as she loves what she is doing and is happy, we are overjoyed to give her these opportunities! Can I just say too, after watching this video that my daughter sure is a beautiful little girl! She just melts my heart!

Much Love, The Reynolds

Friday, June 1, 2012

Fredericksburg 2012

This last weekend was our annual trip out to Fredericksburg with all of our wonderful friends. We were there with Trinity, Diana, and Grace; Ashlee, Clint, Brooklyn, and Caleb; Jen and Mike; Dan and Jeremy; and Erin and Craig. We split the couples into 2 houses with families with children and the non children families. We spent alot of time at our house hanging out on the patio or outside, but we also enjoyed a great night at the other house for a game of horseshoes for the guys, smores, and the kids going crazy in the yard.
Saturday, we started our family and the Horsley's started out by seeing one of my great friends Katie and John. It was so good to see Katie, as she is pregnant too and I was soo excited to see her baby bump, and I because I miss her mucho!! We didn't get a whole lot of time together but lunch was nice enough to last us for a while! We then headed down Main St. to browse the stores, enjoy some yummy snacks, and allow my feet to swell up! Lots of fun! We ended at Hondo's for dinner. Sunday, was a day for touring and spending time with good friends. We first spent the morning with all of us going seperate ways. Some went to the LBJ museum, others to Lukenbach, and the Horsley's and our family headed to the wildflower farm. I think all families involved enjoyed their picks. We then meet to enjoy some music, relaxing, good conversation, and all except prego and kids, some wine. We went to Grape Creek and Becker wineries. Silver creek was last on our game plan! Such good food and this is one of Thomas' and my fav restaurants so we were definitely not going to turn that down. Thank you to all of our friends for coming and we enjoyed every second of it!! We hope that next year will be on our list of things to do!!

Much Love,
The Reynolds