Friday, April 30, 2010

Change of Schools

The Lubbock ISD Board of Trustees approved on Thursday morning the relocation of the PK/Head start classes that are housed on 4 campuses to 16 elementary campus. This is in an attempt to save some elementaries that have very low numbers, to save money by closing down our campuses, and to gain money to continue our full day pre-k programs.  Martin will most likely be torn down because it is so far East that no one is willing to buy it.  2 of the campuses will be used for other LISD usages and the 4th school was bought by Sodexo which is our custodial company.
Therefore, I will no longer be at my sweet school for the upcoming school year (2010-2011).  I will be moving to Jackson Elementary which is on the East side of Lubbock.  It currently only has 180 students attending with 2 teachers for each grade and it has 10 empty classrooms. From the website that they have, it is an older crowd of teachers and the principal has 2 campuses that she is responsible for (Guadalupe is the other one which 3 of our fellow teachers will be moving on to).  There is no special education classrooms available for students there at this time, so I will be the first.  I will be going with 5 of my fellow teachers that are 4 year old teachers. So starting as soon as possible we will begin packing up the hoards of materials that we have in our classroom and labeling them to head over to the new school this summer.  We will have to spend some of the summer unpacking our things and getting it situated since there is not enough time at the beginning of the school year to unpack and set up the classroom.
I am very nervous about this move.  I think it is going to be a big change for us as pre-k teachers, but it will also be a big change for the school.  We are bringing in a very different curriculum and we are bringing in many more kiddos then they are used to.  We shall see how things turn out in a couple of months! Wish us luck!!!

Much Love,

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Addison can Read

We have been nonchalantly doing sight words with Addison since she was able to start signing. We started with Hot only because she really enjoyed signing that word and thought we could show her what it looked like. She picked up on it really quickly. We have moved to her name, mommy, and daddy. She is doing really good and is doing expressive and receptive skills!

Much Love,
The Reynolds

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Easter

We had a great Easter weekend! Nana and Poppa came for the weekend, which was a nice visit! We went to Vintage Township on Saturday for their Easter Celebration. They had a big Easter egg hunt, which Addison loved!! She did so good waiting until they told her to go, then Daddy and Addison went running to get some eggs. I think she ended up with about 7 or 8 eggs, which is pretty good considering how many toddlers were out there with parents! We then got to take pictures with 2 Easter bunnies, the character bunny and the real bunny. Addison wanted to give the character bunny a kiss and was very excited to see her (much better experience from her Santa experience). She then sat next to the real bunny and pet him! This was such a fun time! We then came back that day and made homemade ice cream for our Easter dessert. While the ice cream was going, we enjoyed our first experience with chalk. This was messy and lots of fun!
On Easter Sunday we had Mia, Pop, and Mammy join us for our family celebration. The Easter bunny visited Addison with lots of eggs in the backyard and a basket full of books and some bubbles! Addison had a hoot with the eggs in the backyard. Every time she saw an egg she would scream and run after it. When she opened her eggs and found money in them she would scream, "MONEY!" Oh boy, are we in trouble! For lunch, we had a very yummy ham, party potatoes, roasted green beans, and rolls! It was wonderful! For dessert we had homemade apple pie and homemade ice cream. It was fun to use our new table and the leaf for it! We were able to fit all 8 of us at one table. We ended the day with a trip to the arboretum where we took some pics of the beautiful daffodils.
YEA for a wonderful Easter weekend!!
There are more pics on our picasa web page

Much Love,
The Reynolds

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Poker Face

Addison's new favorite song!!