Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I would walk 500 miles

Addison has been trying so hard the past couple of weeks to get her sea legs and balance for her next stage of develpment. WALKING! She has not been super sure that she has been ready for this next big step in her little baby life, because she is such a cautious baby and that whole walking/falling thing was just not something she felt like tackling. Well, when we went to Canada she had been taking little baby steps and then falling down, but would insist on walking hand in hand with mommy and daddy rather then us carrying her. So with this, she built up her leg muscles and became much more confident in her abilities. Well, once we were home she began to attempt walking more independently but would always fall to her bear crawl position within 3 or 4 steps. Well, after about 2 weeks of practices we can finally say that we are officially walking! It took her awhile, but she finally go there. We are so proud of her and we are glad that she took her own time and waited until she was completely comfortable. She still is a little wobbley and needs occasional assistance, but overall she has conquered her challenge! YAY ADDISON!!!

Much Love,
The Reynolds


  1. She's such a great walker, too! So deliberate with those steps. =) Great to see you guys this weekend!

  2. It was great to see you too, Erin, and thanks for the link to the Picasa album!

    I really love how at the first part of this video, Addison is walking to the beat of the Proclaimers song perfectly! :)

  3. Yeah, that was a good choice of background music.

  4. Sweet babygirl youare doing so great at your walking. Nana Loves you