Sunday, January 30, 2011

The new room

Well, we finally have Addison's room almost done. I wanted to share the updated pics. We have two more walls, on other side of the window, that we need to put some pictures on, but I haven't quite decided what I want to do yet. Mom went back to IKEA and found the material that matches her comforter and cut out the characters and framed them, so that she would have a collage on top of her dresser. And I was really excited to find the old window at an antique shop here in town to display Addison's art work. My plan is to switch it out every now and then. I also was able to find a metal sign to go on her night stand that says, " You are my sunshine", I sing this to Addison at night, so that is a little something special to have (at least for me). Anyways, hope you all like it! We do! It is so cozy, I think Thomas and I could spend all our time in there.

Much Love,
The Reynolds

Monday, January 17, 2011

Riding Solo

For Christmas, Santa brought Addison a brand new tricycle. She has been on a trike before, but has never really experienced pushing wheels and steering (lots of coordination for a toddler). She has seen her good buddy Brooklyn, take off like the wind on her trike and Addison just loved it, so we thought that this was going to be a quick pick up for our sweet Addy. Well.....I think we forgot about how Addison's gross motor skills are much less developed then Brooklyn's! Brooklyn has always been a very fast mover..crawling, walking, jumping, etc. and Addison has been a couple trails behind her.( She is like her mommy..:-( ) Not a problem for us!! We just thought the bike would be different. Anyways..I want to take you through the play by play of Addison learning her new trike riding abilities and where we are as of now! Here we go!!

1. Day after Christmas we decide to head outside at Nana and Poppa's house and start the trike training process. It is a good start, she has her feet on the pedals and her hands on the handle bars.

2. Daddy showing Addison with his hands how her feet need to push on the pedals and go..right foot, left foot, right foot, left foot.

3. Still in trike riding position, but not really moving anywhere, because she is not pushing on the pedals.

4. Says she can't do it, and gets off. Looks like there might not be a whole lot of motivation here.

5. Brings the trike, with her hands-not riding it, over to the curb where there are...LEAVES!

6. We get her to get back on her trike, with the assurance that she is able to put her new leaves in her handy dandy basket in the front of her trike. We tell her that she should ride her leaves around on her new trike...with voices of doubted enthusiasm.

7. She agrees and Daddy pushes her for support and in hopes of getting her to start pedaling on her own.

8. eh....That is no go! It is back to the exciting leaves. HOOORAY!! Well, better luck next time...right?!

Well for the next couple of weeks, we have been trying to get Addison on the bike with frustrations from parents and daughter. She has not had the motivation to pedal and we are so set on our daughter being smart enough that she should be able to figure this out. Well, she is smart enough...she just does not want to do it!

On to this week! We are pedaling...only about 3 feet at a time, but we are pedaling. Let me tell you our play by play for this week.

1. She is pedaling! "Addison you are doing it!!" YAY!!!

2. "You got it! You got it!!"

3. "Smile at Momma!! We are so proud of you for riding your bike!!"

4. "Addison, put your feet back on the pedals!! We are not scooting!!"

5. Okay, we are back to pedaling again. "You can do it Baby!! Keep going! Lets go ride down the sidewalk!"

6. And why she can only make it 3 feet. We have figured out the pedaling to some degree and we have now added in a new step of what? Steering.

We have been trying to stay very positive with her and we know that she is going to get this! We are using it has a first/then technique. First you ride your bike then you can play on your swing. It is a must do physical play time activity before any others so that we can practice. I know, you probably think we are drill sergeants! But how else will she learn, and as I said before we are being positive...I hope!

Anyways, keep us in your thoughts and well wishes and we tackle the task of riding the trike with some pushes, guiding, and coaching to riding all by herself and zooming down our sidewalk. ( I know that is a nightmare in itself!)

Much Love,
The Reynolds

Sunday, January 9, 2011


We just want to give a great big thanks to all of our wonderful family that we were with over the Holidays! We had such great Christmas and we are so thankfully that we were with you all! We love you very much and we look forward to this next year we have with you! May it be all that we wish and hope it will be.

Much Love,
The Reynolds

Friday, January 7, 2011

New Years/Reynolds Christmas

We spent our Christmas with Thomas' family on New Years Eve.  Addison got a super cute plate, cup, and bowl Minnie Mouse set from Mammie (she made these in ceramics!) She also got lots of great presents from her Mia and Pop and the rest of the family! It was nice and relaxing and we got to see everyone and spend the rest of the holiday with great company! We also were able to have a great little play date/lunch with Brooklyn and Ashlee (we were sad to miss Clinton). In the end, our Christmas ended on a great note and we came home with one day to spare before we went back to work/school.

Much Love,
The Reynolds

Monday, January 3, 2011

Aeros Hockey

For the Christmas holiday, Mom and Dad bought us tickets to go with them to the Aeros Hockey game. They are season ticket holders and love hockey, we have watched if for years, and thought that is was time to bring Addison to her first game. For the past two years they have bought Addison randoms things that relate to the Aeros to get her started, such as, her Chilly hat (the mascot) and a Chilly doll. For this Christmas, they bought her an Aeros t-shirt to wear to the game. She really didn't know what she was getting herself into, but she quickly realized what a fun and exciting time she was going to have. She watched the guys warm up close up and then came up saying, "I found my boyfriend!" HAHA..the captain of the team. She danced on her chair to every song that was played in the breaks and timeouts, this was soo cute and funny to see and the rest of the crowd around us were pretty fond of it too! She also enjoyed getting a "kiddie dog". After the game she got to enjoy some yummy ice cream with caramel on it at the house. It was such a great night and we can't wait for some more Hockey games!

Much Love,
The Reynolds

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Day

We had a wonderful Christmas Day. We opened presents, had caramel rolls, enjoy playing her all of Addison's new toys, and had a wonderful prime rib dinner. We are so lucky and thankful for such a great Christmas with my parents and the three of us!

All the presents under the tree..I wonder who the majority of those are for.

I think she is pretty excited about opening these gifts!

Looking through her stocking.

Santa brought Addison her shopping cart!

Our new trike with a baby carrier in the front

Cowgirl Jesse

Addison's princess castle

I think this girl is a happy girl.

Watching Toy Story with Daddy and Cowgirl Jesse

Much Love,
The Reynolds