Monday, August 26, 2013

End of Summer

AS the summer comes to an end, I wanted to share the fun times we had at home together. From water table fun to fun bubble bath/glow in the dark bath times we really enjoyed ourselves and had lots of smiles!!

Much Love, The Reynolds

Monday, August 19, 2013

Grandpa Red

We headed over to Roswell two weekends ago for the day to visit my Grandpa and the kids great grandpa...Grandpa Red. We had a really nice visit, he got to see the kids in action crawling and playing all over his house, primarily his rowing machine, the kids and Nana got to drive in the golf cart, and we had a nice lunch! We really miss seeing Grandpa and hope that we can make another trip like this again soon!!

Much Love,
The Reynolds

Monday, August 12, 2013

Our One Year Old

I can not believe that Avett is now one!! Our year with him has gone by incredibly fast, I think it was faster then it felt with Addison. Anyways, We had a wonderful birthday party for Avett in Midland at Mia and Pop's house. The theme was sock monkey. To make this birthday so amazing was the amount of family and friends that were there to help us celebrate our little man! We are so thankful to all those that were able to attend. You all are WONDERFUL to us and our kids! I thought I would share some of the super duper incredible (at least to us) milestones and achievements that Avett has accomplished thus far and where he is at this time.

    •    Height: 30 1/4 inches (57.9 percentile)
    •     Weight: 23/5 pounds ( 86.4 percentile...aka a larger baby than most)

    • Avett is on whole milk in a sippy cup only during meal times. He will eat almost all finger foods that we give him. He is allergic at this time to mango, strawberry, and egg. He is already like his mommy and enjoys or shall I say loves sweets! 
    • Avett is still crawling, but with a walker or assistance will walk for long amounts of time. He really enjoys taking is walker and strolling down the side walk. He has taken 5 steps at once independently. 
    • Avett is an explorer. Toys are not really his thing, but checking out his environment and seeing what others are doing, feeling, dumping and putting in, etc. are the things that are enjoyable to him.
    • READING!! If Avett is not exploring, you will find him sitting by the bookshelf in his room checking out his books. He has about 5 or 6 favorites that he could hear over and over again. Avett would spend the whole day with his books if we let him. We are so excited that he enjoys books.
    • Avett's first word is dog. He says "da" every time he sees our dogs or any other dog. Avett is also signing very well to communicate his needs. Thus far, he is signing: eat/food, milk, more, please, diaper, water, dog and thank you (occasionally), and he will wave hi. 
    • We are for the most part sleeping through the night. Thank goodness that we had the tubes put in. The tubes have helped his sleep so much and they have helped the parents sleep, as well!!
    • During the summer, we were able to do swim lessons with Avett. He will let us lay him on his back to float, he will kick and scoop his arms, and he will blow bubbles. Also, while hanging out by the pool this summer. We were able to discover two birthmarks that were camouflaged with is skin until he got a tan. He has one on his hand and one on his arm.
    • Avett will be starting back to school on Wednesday. He will be at a great daycare called Kids Kingdom. He will be able to go outside, he will be sleeping on a cot rather than a crib, and he will be strictly on finger foods. We are so excited for this new adventure in his life, although we wish, of course, that mommy could stay home with him. He is a very social little boy and super sweet and we know that he will be great with new friends and teachers!

    I hope that I have shared most of what Avett is up to since turning one. We can't wait to see what this next year has in store for him. I think it will be amazing and wonderful, just like that last!

    Much Love,
    The Reynolds