Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Keffer

Last weekend, Thomas, Addison, and I ventured to Dallas for Jennifer and Mike's wedding. We had such a wonderful time and Addison really seemed to enjoy herself also. This was the first time that Addison had stayed up so late and I would say that she did pretty well! She was definitely a trooper.
I was honored to be Jen's matron of honor and it was such a beautiful wedding!! I unfortunatly got kind of sick after the wedding, but there were many people assisting me in "my time of need" LOL! I quickly began to feel better, once we arrived at the reception though. The reception was alot of fun with good friends and dancing. Addison even had a little friend to dance with, Jen and Mike's nephew, Colton. It ws so cute!!! I wanted to just give Jen and Mike one last congratulations on their marriage and thank you for making the Reynold's clan apart of your wedding day!! We had such a great time. Love you both very much!!

The Reynolds

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