Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving in Fredericksburg

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving in Fredericksburg. Both Ramsey family's and our little Reynolds' three headed to Fred on Wednesday. Thomas and Addison were in charge of prepping and cooking the turkey and they did marvalous job! Thursday and Friday were great days to see Addison and Lily play together. It was so cute! Addison and I also were quite sick and dreaded the night since we could not sleep because of sore throats,headaches, cold chills, and stuffiness. While the Ramsey's went walking around Main St. on Friday morning, we spent our time in the ER attempting to get some good meds that would catch us back to speed before the weekend ended and school was starting back on Monday. After a long, needed nap we all walked around some more and enjoyed a family dinner at the Brewery. Afterwards, we were able to go to the "square" in the middle of Main street where they lit up all the Christmas lights, tree, and the giant German Pyramid (sorry there are no photos of this, I did not realize we would not be going back to the house before this activity). They also had a local dance group doing the Nutcracker and the girls fell in love! We really enjoyed ourselves and it was a great 1st away Thanksgiving in Fredericksburg!

Much Love,
The Reynolds

Monday, November 14, 2011

Pretend Play

Addison has been very involved in pretend play the past couple of months and heavily in to playing princess. Everyday we are wearing one of my old dance costumes and pretending to be Cinderella. She really enjoys reenacting the movie with us and Pop and Mia had the privilege of being int he play when they came to visit on Saturday. It is the funniest and cutest thing ever and she is so imaginative. She is also a very bossy director! Make sure you stay on the Addison script or you will be told you are wrong! She also enjoys playing with her train and getting gas, paying a toll, and being a conductor. So much fun playing, sometimes wears you out a little, but so great to see her imagination running wild!

Much Love, The Reynolds

Thursday, November 10, 2011

November dance viewing

We our November dance viewing last Monday and it was so great to see the growth that Addison and the other girls have made in a month with their dancing. They are starting to learn feet and hand positions with fun songs and they even did a small routine with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. I was excited to see Addison was right on with her teacher. I am so pleased with the progress that Addison has made and that she continues to be excited every week in going to her dance class! This has been a passion and love that I have always had and I hope that dance is an activity that she will feel the same way about! So so proud of our little dancer and I can't wait to see the progress that she will make in the coming month!

Much Love, The Reynolds

Thursday, November 3, 2011


For Halloween night, we took Addison to Texas Tech to do the Safe Treat in the dorms. It is a great way for Addison to go to many doors and be in a safe, warm, and fun environment! We really enjoy doing it and I know that Addison does, as well! After going through 3 dorms, we went back to hand out candy for about 30 minutes with no success. Addison saw that several of the houses on our street had their lights on so we ventured through the neighborhood for some last minute trick or treating. We were upset that we bought candy and only one family came by our house (no buying candy next year). Overall, we are very happy with our Halloweenfest! We LOVED it and had a GREAT weekend.

Much Love, The Reynolds

Pumpkin Pizza, Mummies, Fingers, and Eyeballs

For Halloween weekend, I tried to make things extra fun and special for Addison as she gets older and begins to remember and understand things that we are doing. For her Fall Festival night, I took her Papa Murphey's and let her order a pumpkin pizza! She was quite exciting about this and it tasted pretty good..and for $6 it was a pretty cheap dinner! For Sunday night, I made a fun dinner of Mummies, Ghost fingers, and Monster Eyeballs. I made all of the food and then I walked outside and pretended to go "hunting". When I came back I messed my hair up and told Addison that I had to wrestle with the ghosts and monsters, and dig up the mummies. I think I was pretty least to my 3 year old. If you look at her face, she was not to sure about everything, but once we told her what the things might taste like she was all about it.She really enjoyed the fingers and eyeballs. For dessert, we made some wonderful sugar cookies in the shape of cats, bats, witches, ghosts, and moons topped with a wonderful vanilla icing. Fun Times in the Reynolds house!

Much Love, The Reynolds

Carving Pumpkins

On Sunday we carved our pumpkins. Addison was much more adventurous then the previous year to touch the "goo" of the pumpkin. She, of course, still thought it was yucky, but she touched it and helped clean it out a little bit.

Much Love, The Reynolds