Sunday, July 26, 2009

A wonderful weekend!

Addison, Thomas, and I have had a really great weekend. Our weekend kicked off Friday morning, when Addison and I had a date to Maxey Park. She loved going down the bumpy slide and made the "uh uh uh" noise. She always looked so cautious going down every time.

After a fun time at the park, we headed over to the Honors College to bring Daddy a picnic lunch. We packed little mini sandwiches, cheez-its, grapes, and chocolate cookies...Addison had little mini raviolis (she is still trying to decide about plain meat). After lunch, Addy had a nap and then we played dress-up with mommy's old costume jewelry.

On Saturday, we started out at Babies R'Us since we had a $10 gift card from Addison's bday that we still had not used. We bought Addison some new shoes and a new Melissa and Doug fish puzzle. We then went to this really great educational toy store called Building Blocks! So Much Fun! Thomas and I wanted to buy everything in there, but we stuck to just one toy. We have been working on animal noises with Addison and so we bought her a farm tractor that will move around the room when you push a button and it will sing old macdonald, as well as make each of the animal noises when you push on the animal. Did I mention that it is ..So fun!!?

After that we took Addison to lunch at Chick-fil-a, where she would not touch the chicken nuggets!! LOL . We also took her to Pet Smart which is right across the street. The minute we pull into the parking lot she starts getting so excited, she recognizes the sign. Since we do not have a zoo...this is our next best thing! There is a doggy day camp and the dogs are all playing in a room that is glasses in so the customers can watch and Addison just loves it. Also, on Saturday and Sundays are pet adoption day so we can see some more puppies and kittens. There is alot of high pitched schreels going on when she sees all the animals! We took Addison to Bahama Bucks after dinner and she really enjoyed that, but I think she enjoyed the little drink umbrellas more.

We then had Addison try out her brand new toddler toothbrush. She has done really well with her infant toothbrush and she has been lately watching us brush our teeth and will do the sign for brush teeth and say teeth while we are doing it. So, we thought it was time for her to move up to a big girl toothbrush. She did great! She new exactly what to do it with it. We of course had to help her to actually brush her teeth, but she placed it in her mouth and moved it around!

On Sunday, we deemed it Daddy-Daughter Star Wars day! They looked so cute in their shirts! We took Addison to the park again today, since it was alittle overcast. She had fun playing with Daddy.

YAY! for weekends! I love our together time!

Much Love,
The Reynolds

Friday, July 24, 2009

Yearbook photos

I was looking back at my yearbook the other day and I thought I would share Thomas' and my photos. I can't believe it has been so long ago! I just don't feel that old. If you were wondering...Thomas and I were homecoming King and Queen. It was such a fun time for us. Thomas really had some great hair I think. He could do anything with it, for homecoming it was a blonde shag and then by the end of our senior year it was a super awesome fro. So hot!!!

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the pictures. I sure enjoyed looking back at the old days! Addison sure does have some good looking parents.

Much Love,
The Reynolds

PS. If you are interested having fun with these photos check out:

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Roar Moo

Addison really enjoys looking at animal pictures/books and will name a dog/puppy, cat, duck, and bird very clearly. I wanted to share the videos I took this morning of her making her animal noises. It is the cutest thing! She will do the lion roar and she did not do the bear for me but the bear is a roar, as well. Of course , then there is the cow moo. So cute!
video video
Much Love,
The Reynolds

Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Birthday and Chicken Nuggets

Addison decided this morning that she was ready to talk to an Honors College adviser at Texas Tech University to discuss her future educational goals. We really have been encouraging her with her studies and we truly feel she is a very smart girl. We feel that the meeting went really well and as proud parents, we of course had to document this big meeting!!
After the big advising session, Addison and I thought it would be a great time to wish our sweet Daddy a happy 26th birthday!! We love him very much and hope that he has a wonderful day!

In addition to this wonderful celebration, is a celebration for our sweet little girl! Addison ate 4, yes you heard me, 4 chicken nuggets today at lunch. Ever since Addison has been able to eat finger foods she has refused to eat any meat and we have had to continue using baby food to get her to eat meat/protein. We also have been giving lots of yogart/cheese/milk/peanut butter to help out with her protein intake. Well, we are going to keep our fingers crossed that this was not just a fluke and that she will continue to eat the chicken nuggets and begin to feel comfortable trying other meats!!!! YAY ADDISON!!!

Much Love,
The Reynolds

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Water Baby

Addison has really been enjoying the water and we had brought out the baby pool so that Addison and her Aunt Katie could swim in it during her visit. Well, after she left Addy needed a little more water time and we let her go swimming after her nap. It looks like she is gearing up for her big Schlitterbahn trip with her best buddy Brooklyn on Saturday!!

Much Love,
The Reynolds

Mr. and Mrs. Keffer

Last weekend, Thomas, Addison, and I ventured to Dallas for Jennifer and Mike's wedding. We had such a wonderful time and Addison really seemed to enjoy herself also. This was the first time that Addison had stayed up so late and I would say that she did pretty well! She was definitely a trooper.
I was honored to be Jen's matron of honor and it was such a beautiful wedding!! I unfortunatly got kind of sick after the wedding, but there were many people assisting me in "my time of need" LOL! I quickly began to feel better, once we arrived at the reception though. The reception was alot of fun with good friends and dancing. Addison even had a little friend to dance with, Jen and Mike's nephew, Colton. It ws so cute!!! I wanted to just give Jen and Mike one last congratulations on their marriage and thank you for making the Reynold's clan apart of your wedding day!! We had such a great time. Love you both very much!!

The Reynolds

The Godparents

So in the past two weekends, Addison has been able to spend some quality time with her two Godparents.
Last weekend, Addison had some time with Uncle T and Aunt Diana while we were in Dallas for Jennifer and Mike's wedding. This weekend, Aunt Katie came into Lubbock to visit us for the first time.
We really have felt so happy and lucky that Addison has such wonderful Godparents. We are thrilled to know that our friends truly love her, want to be a part of her life, and love her just as their own. We want to thank you all so much for all you do for her and how much you mean to her! The way that she adores you all is a testament of the love she has for you and that you have for her. She has had such a blast being with you these past 2 weekends. Can't wait to see you again!!!

Much Love,
The Reynolds

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pucker Fish Kiss

We have been teaching Addison how to give kisses. When she first started understanding what a kiss was she would be very skeptical about giving them and when she did decide to hand them out, she would have her mouth wide open. Well, during this time we have been trying to show her that she must "pucker" her lips and we will exaggerate the pucker for her so she will understand it better. She has now got the pucker down is very interested in giving kisses. We can tell her, "Give Daddy a kiss" and she will pucker her lips, just like in the picture. SO CUTE!!!!

Anyways, so last night I was trying to put her to sleep and I bent down to give her a kiss before I started rocking her. For the next 5-10 minutes, she layed in my arms looking up at me making the, as I call it, Pucker Fish Kiss face and giggling. How can I put her to bed with her doing that and me trying not to laugh? It was quite funny. It took about 20 minutes for me to finally get her to a sleepy stupor.

So, the next time you come over to our house or we come to see you, Addison just might be willing to hand out one of her super sweet, Pucker Fish Kisses.

Much Love,
The Reynolds

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I would walk 500 miles

Addison has been trying so hard the past couple of weeks to get her sea legs and balance for her next stage of develpment. WALKING! She has not been super sure that she has been ready for this next big step in her little baby life, because she is such a cautious baby and that whole walking/falling thing was just not something she felt like tackling. Well, when we went to Canada she had been taking little baby steps and then falling down, but would insist on walking hand in hand with mommy and daddy rather then us carrying her. So with this, she built up her leg muscles and became much more confident in her abilities. Well, once we were home she began to attempt walking more independently but would always fall to her bear crawl position within 3 or 4 steps. Well, after about 2 weeks of practices we can finally say that we are officially walking! It took her awhile, but she finally go there. We are so proud of her and we are glad that she took her own time and waited until she was completely comfortable. She still is a little wobbley and needs occasional assistance, but overall she has conquered her challenge! YAY ADDISON!!! video

Much Love,
The Reynolds

Lazy Days of Summer

Addison had a wonderful morning relaxing in the porch swing, watching the birds in the yard and listening to the sweet tunes off of the CD- B is for Bob by Bob Marley. Obviously, a nice little cat nap was on her plate, as well! Ah...What a life!

Much Love!
The Reynolds

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Much Love,
The Reynolds

Monday, July 6, 2009

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Before we left for Canada, Addison and I were taking a Mommy and Me swim class up at Texas Tech. I wanted to blog about it, since it was such a great experience for both of us. We had it at the new leisure pool at the Tech rec center. We mainly stayed in the lazy river section of it, away from all of the older kids. She learned to confidence in the water by jumping in the water doing humpty dumpty, kicking her feet (with mommy's help), swimming on her tummy to reach for toys, singing songs in the water ( hokey pokey, wheels on the bus) and singing a motor boat song to blow bubbles in the water. The only thing that Addison was not a fan of was swimming on her back and days when it was overcast and the water was chilly. Overall, we had such a great experience and we can't wait to do it again next year! We plan on getting a membership so that we can go swimming all the time next summer.

Much Love,
The Reynolds