Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Nutcracker Date

Last Christmas we started the tradition of taking Addison to the Nutcracker that is put on by Ballet Lubbock. Last year was a date for the two girls and this year was a date with Daddy and Addison. Addison asked Thomas to take her to Chuys for dinner where they took silly face photos and ate some very yummy mexican food! They then headed off to the Nutcracker where Addison was extremely spoiled by some of Thomas' students from Lubbock High. Three of the girls were dancing in the show and gave Addison VIP treatment with a tour backstage, pictures, and a signed pointe shoe from the entire cast. Daddy also bought her a super cute ballet doll that she just adores. This was the most amazing night for Addison. Thomas' students were so generous and thoughtful and I am so thrilled that she will have this wonderful memory always to cherish!

Much Love,
The Reynolds

Friday, February 14, 2014

Bingo Fun 2014

Bingo Arrives!!

Bingo wraps our kitchen.

Bingo hangs up the "stockings"

Rudolph the red nosed Reynolds

Bingo's fort of books

Playing in the "snow"

Stuck outside

Sugar Rush

TPing Addison room

Spiderbingo Spiderbingo

Snow Ball Fight

Going crazy with the stickers

Videos from Santa

we know that the video has Avett's name spelled wrong..we were trying to get the video to say his name correctly and we got so caught up in everything we forget to change it....Addison caught it right away, but we made up a story and all was good!

Gift from Bingo

Get your act together kiddos!!

Magic Elf Seeds

Peek a Boo

Much Love,
The Reynolds

Holidays in Houston

We celebrated our Christmas/New Years Together as a family at my parents house in Houston. It was fun to have our traditional Christmas dinner, let the girls do some sparklers and mom surprised them with fun hats and horns to bring in the new year. Did we stay up for new years? NO WAY!! We are too old that, but did make it to 11 for the ball to drop on TV. That was good enough for us. Early the next morning we headed home from our long trip during the Christmas break. We honestly were really ready to get home. We needed a break from chasing our children and get back to our Reynolds normalcy. We were so thankful to have safe travels, lots of family and friends to visit, and the love and support of each other to make our holiday a great time.

Much Love,
The Reynolds

Monday, February 3, 2014

Sour Lake

When we got to Houston, we headed over to Sour Lake to visit Jeremy, Bethany, and Lily and see their home. We had never been over there so it was nice to spend the day there. They made us a wonderful lunch and the girls had a lot of fun playing together and "catching up". Avett had a hard time at first because of no nap, not understanding that he couldn't play on the stairs, and being hungry. He did, however, finally get over it...thank goodness..and chilled out making the visit much more enjoyable. He even got to go outside with Poppa and Uncle Jeremy to see the dogs and run around for a bit. We were very happy to see them in their home and we thank them very much for inviting us over!

Much Love,
The Reynolds