Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Artist

Addison has really been enjoying art lately. In her daycare class she is doing some form of artwork everyday. She is doing gluing, coloring, and painting. At home, she is constantly requesting to color. (Her way of saying color is culee, too cute!) She has gotten really good at it too. She will pick a color, mark on the paper and then put the top back on, then place the marker back in the cup. I wanted to also show off some off the artwork that she is doing in school. It was Pirate Day a couple of weeks ago, so they did pirate hats and colored a pirate picture. She finger painted the kite and she glued the bird together. She has tons of coloring pages that she has done, I can't get myself to throw any of them away!

Much Love,
The Reynolds

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy Cycling

We try to go on a walk every night with Addison to get her out of the house and enjoy the nice evening weather. Well lately as we are loading her into her wagon or as we are heading back into the house, she has been pointing out our bikes. Since she is not quite developmentally ready for her own tricycle, we decided to go and get a children's trailer to put on the back of the bike so that she can ride around with us. We went to Academy Saturday evening and made our purchase and so far we can say it was money well spent. She loves crawling in it and she loves to ride in it. We put her little ducky in there to keep her company along with her water for hydration (of course)! While in the trailer she is making her voice bumpy as she rides on the bumpy concrete, it is so funny! We absolutely love giving Addison new experiences and to build on her curiosity so I hope we have successfully done so and hope that she will enjoy this new activity we can do as a family.

Much Love,
The Reynolds

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sweet Nothings on a Pan

I love that my husband is still so loving and romantic!!...even if he does use Addison's toys. It is still so sweet.

Much Love,
The Reynolds

PS. Sorry this is a cheesy blog, but I had to share. Second, I know that there are some misspellings in Thomas' messages but there are not very many multiples in the magnet letter bucket.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Our New Puppy!

Today we realized that we do not have 2 dogs in the house, but 3. Her name is Addison. Addison has decided that she truly enjoys spending time in the areas that Mally calls her bed. We bought Mally a new bed for the floor in the living room, because we do not want Mally to jump on and off of the couch with her back. When we put it down on the floor Addison crawled in it and did not want to get out of it. When we told her it was time to change her diaper, Addison remained curled up in the dog bed and Thomas had to go and pick her up. When Thomas placed her down in the bed, Mally went over there looking at her saying, "Hey!! This is my bed. GET OUT!!". After a diaper change, Mally had reclaimed her bed and Addison just decided that she needed to share and she jumped right back in. She kept looking at us and telling us, "Night Night" and curling up in the bed. Too funny!
Later today, while we were doing laundry in the bedroom, Addison decided to check out Mally's other hang out- her crate. Addison crawled right in and closed the grate and made herself at home. Mally did not see this taking place, but I bet she would not have cared too much about Addison stealing the crate. She hates being in it and would gladly have someone take it off of her hands (paws).
Luckily Addison hasn't started crawling around on all fours, licking, and barking, so I think it is safe to say that we still have our little girl.....for now!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Family Vacation

Last weekend The Reynolds family joined the Horsley family for a wonderful family weekend! We started out driving down to Houston on Wednesday and we took Addison to dinner with Nana to a great restaurant in Katy called Clay's. It is a great place for kids because it has a neat little petting zoo and outdoor eating area where you can watch the animals along with a peacock that walks around. I did not really enjoy the peacock walking around near us...I tend to feel a little nervous around birds...scary pecking beaks....

On Thursday we spent the day with mom doing some back to school/work shopping at our favorite mall in Houston. We then got to eat at our most favorite restaurant, Cafe Caspian, it has wonderful Persian food!

On Friday morning, the Horsley family drove into town in the morning and we followed each other into Galveston. We first took the girls to the aquarium at Moody Gardens. They really enjoyed seeing all of the fish and such. Addison constantly squealed and signed fish over and over and Brooklyn just continued to run around everywhere with a big smile on her face! After the aquarium we went to lunch at Fish Tales and then headed over to the hotel. Our rooms were not ready so we found a conference room that was not being used and we snuck in and hung out for about 30 minutes while we waited for our rooms. The girls enjoy all of the space to just walk around and be silly. We got in the rooms and the girls took and nice little nap before we had our evening fun. We started our evening out on the beach. We all took some great family photos and let the girls put their feet in the water. We then headed to the Strand for dinner, photos, and ice cream.

On Saturday we went to Galveston Schlitterbahn. This was sooo much fun for the girls. We were able to get a really good table in the covered area of the park so the girls would not get super hot or sunburned and there was a nice grassy area for the girls to lay down on blankets and take a nap. They had a couple of good toddler play areas with slides that the girls were able to play in and they really had a blast. We also were able to take them on the lazy river that goes around the whole park. We put life jackets on them and the dads got in inner tubes and held them, while the moms were in the inner tubes directing everyone and keeping everyone together. We stayed there until about 2 and then we headed back to Houston.

When we got back to Houston we had a fun little art project in store for the girls. We bought canvases and finger paints. We painted their hands and feet and let them "paint". Fun stuff! I think we are going to put ours in Addison's bathroom-once we paint it and make it "her" bathroom.
We all headed home on Sunday morning. We had such a wonderful time and we can't wait for the next family vacation that we have with the Horsley's!!

Much Love,
The Reynolds

PS. All of the Galveston photos are up on our Picassa album. There is a link on the right of this page. Enjoy!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Big Girl

We went to Addison's 15 month well check today and I just cannot believe how fast my baby girl is growing up!!! Addison is 32 in. tall ( 90th Percentile) and 21 lbs ( 20th percentile- I think her new nick name needs to be little bit). The doctor said she is very healthy, her tubes are doing well, and she will see us again at 18 months. It is unbelievable to think that she is walking and talking, instead of just laying in my arms sleeping, cooing, and drinking a bottle. I decided today was a great day to reminisce on this 15 month journey we have had so far.

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Much Love,
The Reynolds

PS. I just have to say that as I was making this slide show, I just could not stop thinking about how beautiful my daughter is. Don't you agree?!!