Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Birthday and Chicken Nuggets

Addison decided this morning that she was ready to talk to an Honors College adviser at Texas Tech University to discuss her future educational goals. We really have been encouraging her with her studies and we truly feel she is a very smart girl. We feel that the meeting went really well and as proud parents, we of course had to document this big meeting!!
After the big advising session, Addison and I thought it would be a great time to wish our sweet Daddy a happy 26th birthday!! We love him very much and hope that he has a wonderful day!

In addition to this wonderful celebration, is a celebration for our sweet little girl! Addison ate 4, yes you heard me, 4 chicken nuggets today at lunch. Ever since Addison has been able to eat finger foods she has refused to eat any meat and we have had to continue using baby food to get her to eat meat/protein. We also have been giving lots of yogart/cheese/milk/peanut butter to help out with her protein intake. Well, we are going to keep our fingers crossed that this was not just a fluke and that she will continue to eat the chicken nuggets and begin to feel comfortable trying other meats!!!! YAY ADDISON!!!

Much Love,
The Reynolds


  1. That top picture is great. It looks like she is being told that she should pay attention and she is bucking the system.

  2. we will just buy the girls a 10 nugget pack on our trip and they will be entertained for hours!! Can't wait to see yall! 9 more days!

  3. p.s. like the sneaker pic in the background!