Saturday, July 4, 2009


Before we left for Canada, Addison and I were taking a Mommy and Me swim class up at Texas Tech. I wanted to blog about it, since it was such a great experience for both of us. We had it at the new leisure pool at the Tech rec center. We mainly stayed in the lazy river section of it, away from all of the older kids. She learned to confidence in the water by jumping in the water doing humpty dumpty, kicking her feet (with mommy's help), swimming on her tummy to reach for toys, singing songs in the water ( hokey pokey, wheels on the bus) and singing a motor boat song to blow bubbles in the water. The only thing that Addison was not a fan of was swimming on her back and days when it was overcast and the water was chilly. Overall, we had such a great experience and we can't wait to do it again next year! We plan on getting a membership so that we can go swimming all the time next summer.

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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