Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Addison has been involved in yet another class this summer.  She goes to a toddler tumbling class every Friday for 45 minutes.  She gets to do alot of gross motor activities and work on some developing skills that she is working on right now.  She does tiptoes, walking backward and sideways, jumping on and off elevated surfaces, walking with hands out on the balance beam, skipping, jumping, crawling (bear crawl, crab crawl), and front rolls.  It is also a great time for listening/watching for directions, playing group games, and taking/waiting for her turn. Sometimes the group of kids that are in their can be overwhelming, but they tend to not last the whole class time and it calms down. I wanted to share some of the photos of Addison in action.
Stretching at the beginning of class.

Ribbit!! What a great leap frog jump!

GRRRR!!! Bear Crawl

Walking on the balance beam with Ms. Heidi

Push over big girl!!!

Tiptoeing through the rings

End of class stretches. REACH!

Much love,
The Reynolds

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