Monday, July 12, 2010

Austin Visit

We had a wonderful weekend in Austin with Katie and John.  We drove in on Friday afternoon and returned to Lubbock on Sunday. Here is a small glimpse of the wonderful pictures that John, our photographer, took throughout our visit.

We started out with Addison doing wonderful portraits of Aunt Katie and Uncle John on her Magna-doodle. If you look at the photo, the eyes with circles around them is a photo of John (those are his glasses) and the small sad face is Aunt Katie.
Katie made us a wonderful dinner of salad, rolls, and chicken spaghetti.
ooh...We were so excited about our cherry cheesecake!
After dinner, Addison and Joka really really enjoyed chasing each other around the yard. I think Addison enjoyed it a little more than Joka, ha ha. Sorry for terrorizing you Joka, she really does love you!
This is what humidity does to our daughter's hair. WHOA!
Saturday morning John and Addison went through the drive through to get some Shipley's doughnut holes and then we traveled over to Einsteins where the rest of us enjoyed some delicious bagels! What a great breakfast, we miss these two wonderful bread items in Lubbock oh so much!
We went to Zilker Park to ride the train, the Zephyr. Addison has been really into trains, so this was a perfect activity for her! Good Job, Aunt Katie and Uncle John!
Katie had it in her plans to bring Thomas to the comic book store in Austin. He, of course, could not turn this down. The comic book store was called Austin Books and Comics. He could have spent hours in there, but while in their we took the opportunity for some photos. We were having fun!
This sweet face was trying to sucker Uncle John into the Bobble-head Spider man. Just SAY NO!!
We went here last time we came to Austin and we thought it would be a great "tradition" to come up to Mt. Bonnell (Sp?) every visit and take some photos to show how much Addison and the families have grown.
Katie's plans of some fun water play at the Bee Cave Galleria was pushed down when a band was stationed right on top of the fountains. To make things better again, we decided to let Addison run around for a little bit in the backyard with the sprinkler on. She enjoyed herself, even if she was running away from the sprinkler rather than getting in it.
For dinner we headed a little out of town to a outside bar and grill called, Angels. It was very family/dog friendly with great food. We would definitely call this a regular place to eat if we lived in Austin!
After dinner we headed over to one of John and Katie's local parks to get out the remains of Addison's energy. She had a great time sliding and swinging with Aunt Katie.
On Sunday morning, Katie gave us a boat breakfast! She used cantaloupe to create boats with little masts with our names on it. She also made us a wonderful coffee cake. It was a great way to fill our tummys for the road.

Katie and John, thank you so much for the wonderful visit that we had in Austin. We love you both so very much and we can't wait for our next visit!

Much Love,
The Reynolds


  1. What a fun trip! All the picures are great...I especially love the Hulk ones! :)

  2. Katie and John you both look great, glad you all had a wonderful time. Next time i com thru I will call. Take care Kim Ramsey