Friday, July 2, 2010

Swim Lessons 2010

We were involved in the Texas Tech Mommy and Me swim lessons again this summer. Addison, of course, really enjoyed herself and we can't wait to do next years lessons! Here are a couple of photos that Daddy took we he came to watch her in action..

She is sitting so patiently waiting for her class to start.
She tells me everyday in the car what toy she wants to get for her lesson.  She has memorized them and has watched what other kids have played with and knows exactly what she wants to use.
Mommy and her little fishy!
We are practicing blowing our bubbles. 

This is part of the swim lessons.  Addison has to feel comfortable swimming back and forth between a stranger, in case something should happen. This is Ms. Nicole, Addison's teacher, and Addison has no problem going to her.
Addison is swimming to her alligator.  She does her "ice cream scoops" and kicks.  She did so well with her swimming this year, since she was a little older! Next year she will be all by herself in Aqua Tots.
I think she is a happy camper
Here was are singing "The Wheels on the bus" She loved doing the different songs in the water, especially "Twinkle Twinkle" in the tunnel.

  Much Love,
The Reynolds


  1. Way too cute! We need to take your little fish to Hawaiian Falls. She would absolutely love it!

  2. Fun! I just saw an article in Parents magazine about getting your young children used to the water, and blowing bubbles was one of their suggestions!

  3. You have a lovely family. It's so nice to see parents posting their stories of swim lessons with their children on a blog like this. You encourage other mothers to ensure their children learn how to swim. Did you say that your daughter went to Aqua-Tots? How was your experience? Thank you for sharing your story!