Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Prodigal Gnome

I know I should be blogging about our wonderful vacation this weekend, but something has come up that takes precedence over it at the moment. Something major has happened and I need to share it with all our friends and family that follow our blog and keep up with our families happenings. Watch the video before you read the text below.

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Just like Linda Ellerbee, we have the 5 "w" questions to ask our readers....

1. Who took Gerome? We know he did not get up and walk his happy self to all of these fabulous destinations. We have our suspicions, but we will not share. We really really would like you to come forward and end this 5 year joke.

2. What did people think when you were taking pictures of a gnome at all of these different vacations spots?...or....What awesome photo shop skills do you have?

3. Where has Gerome really REALLY been living for 5 years?

4. Why did you feel it necessary to drag this on for 5 years? Don't you have other things to do with your life....or maybe not..

5. When did you decide 5 years was enough Gerome shenanigans?

The Reynolds would truly like to close this case of the missing gnome once and for all.  Would the culprit please step forward and reveal themselves.  PLEASE!!! Give us a call, email, text, a post, anything will do!

Much Love and thankful Gerome is home!
The Reynolds

1 comment:

  1. WOW! That is amazing. I am glad you guys finally got him back.