Thursday, July 1, 2010

OCD or Practice makes perfect?

Well our little artist has been at it again. She has been working so diligently on her smiley faces. She has been using the PBOP note pads and each piece of paper is the SAME smiley face. She could do it for hours upon hours, if we supplied the paper. I laid out the smiley faces that she did in about 10 minutes and with one partially used notepad. We decided to stop after this and take it up at another time. While drawing these faces, if she does not draw it exactly how she is picturing it...oo she gets upset. She started drawing one and made a dot next to the mouth before drawing it and I could see the anxiety welling up in her face, so I told her it was a freckle and the faces then had an addition of a freckle for the rest of the notepad. Is it OCD? I am not sure..I know I have some OCD issues myself, I hope she didn't get those traits. I am going to say she is just striving for the perfect face!

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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