Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Face, Sad Face

As soon as I thought Addison was ready we began introducing her to crayons and markers. She has been a huge fan! She now has her own coloring table in the kitchen with a basket full of coloring books, paper, and stickers-along with a tupperware full of markers and crayons. She has always asked us to draw her pictures of a variety of things when we color with her and lately we have been trying to get her to draw different things. We started with drawing a line, which she has mastered. The next was to draw a circle, she started really getting that down about 2 weeks ago. Then last week on her own without her pushy parents telling her what to do or showing her what to do she drew a circle with a couple of dots in it. We asked her what she was drawing and she told us "happy face" or "sad face". We are never around very many toddlers her age and when we do it is not a very long time, so I am not sure if this is a normally developing thing for a 20 month old to do, but Thomas and I were amazed!!!!!!!! We could not believe that she was able to already draw something that was very clear and that she is already in the pre-writing stages!!! WOW is all I have to say.

Much Love,
The Reynolds

PS. on the last drawing the two faces on the bottom are mine. After she started drawing her faces, she wanted me to join in and draw too.

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