Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas in Midland

The first part of Christmas for the Reynolds' family was in Midland. We were there for 4 days and 3 of those days our sweet girl was very sick. She really did not get to enjoy Christmas in full Addison spirit. She ended up having a fever and very bad cough. We took her to the urgent care just to make sure that she did not have any serious issue...since she normally does. The doctor said everything was fine, but we needed to put her on a cough/decongestant medicine, and she has no problem taking that! She began to perk up by the end of Christmas day.
Addison was so excited by the amount of presents under the tree and she did sooo good. She only went over to the tree once to "look" at the gifts. She was not to interested in opening gifts, but there was a whole lot going on in the room that I don't blame her. She was able to see Uncle T and Aunt Diana while we were there. They gave her a rocking cow. She was able to play with her cousin Hayden, they had fun coloring, playing with trains,and making tea. They did really well together!!! Another exciting thing is that she will have a new uncle, Justin. Tosha and Justin are engaged and we are so excited for them. Addison really started warming up to Justin this trip, and I think he was pretty happy about that!

Much Love,
The Reynolds

Christmas in Houston will follow!

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