Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm Back

Addison has been having lots of fun coming up with fun new games and imaginary "scenarios" that she likes to play around the house. She will play kitchen, changed babies, put babies to sleep, and then the newest one is that she is going home. She will give Thomas and I hugs and kisses and walks to the laundry room and then will run back and say "I'm back!" She will do this over and over again. Sometimes she will tell us, "safe" because we tell her, "be safe" or she will tell us " miss you, love you" It is so cute and tonight she actually let me video tape her! Enjoy.

PS. Ignore Thomas on the phone in the video, he was chatting with his dad about the computer. If I was going to get this on tape I had to go with the flow!


  1. Love the video! I'm so glad Addison let you tape her!!!

  2. I laughed and I cried this was so cute she is something special.