Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Snow or is it Ice?

While we were out of town in Katy for the holidays, Lubbock had a pretty big snow...for Lubbock! I was so sad that we missed it and that we were not able to have Addison see snow for Christmas. We were driving back home the next day, so I was hoping that there would still be quite a bit on the ground. The only area that the snow ended up staying around was in the shady areas of the yard. Well, we went ahead and took Addison out in the backyard one morning and we quickly realized that it was more ice then snow..but that is okay!! Addison walked around on it for a while and then began to bend down and say "Hi snow!" "Doing?" She likes to ask different things what they are doing...SO CUTE!!! We tried to video tape her talking to the snow, but she stopped talking once the camera came on (as usual!)

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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