Saturday, February 6, 2010

Let's Play Dress Up!

Addison has been having alot of fun taking her clothes or any other thing in her closet that she can find to dress up with. I wanted to share a couple of the photos that I was able to take of her. I am sad I did not get the photo of her get up tonight. She was in her monkey snow hat, mittens, and her monkey slippers. She was telling us that she was going to see Uncle T! Thomas and I are guessing that Uncle T has moved somewhere very cold her in mind, because she had all her extremities covered and ready to face the coldy weather. Oh well, maybe she will do it again another day for me to capture it! Hope you enjoy the other dress up photos!

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Much Love,
The Reynolds


  1. Why didn't you tell me she was coming to visit?

  2. I'm a bit worried that it has been over a week and you haven't posted four or five new posts by now. Are you feeling okay, my love?