Thursday, January 28, 2010

Snowed In

Today we had a major winter storm hit Lubbock. It started this morning with rain and within an hour the temperature at dropped and the rain quickly became a "wintery mix". When I looked outside of my classroom window the rain drops had quickly become icicles along the trees and playground equipment. By 9:30 we had very heavy snowflakes falling to the ground. They did not cancel school but around 11:15 they used the school phone messaging system to let parents know that they were welcome to come and pick up their children. Where Thomas works, Texas Tech, they were going to close down at 12:30 and Addison's daycare was closing at 2:30. Thomas left and went to get Addison so they were able to get home quickly! I had to stay with my kids at school. Luckily though since our kids have to picked up first before elementary/jr. high/high school kids, they came to get ours 30 minutes earlier than usual-we then were able to leave right after. The bad thing was my car was completely iced over. My front window was fine but my side windows and side mirrors were unable to be scrapped off. Therefore, I had to make sure I stayed in the far left lane the whole time so I didn't have to change lanes.
Addison was really enjoying looking out the window at the house to see the snow. We had made it home last time it snowed to see the small last remains of it, but she has never seen it falling down-in real life. We went ahead and put her in her new coat from Christmas and let her experience snow falling and walking in powdery snow. She enjoyed it. She really thought it was funny when Thomas and I threw snowballs at each other. She tried to throw some at us, as well! She told us she was crazy. LOL!

The Great thing about tomorrow is that LISD has cancelled school for the day, so we get a snowed in day with Addison tomorrow. Right now Texas Tech is starting at 10:00, but I bet by the morning they will cancel classes for them, as well!
Much Love,
The Reynolds


  1. Love the snow pictures! So nice that you can have some family time tomorrow - enjoy it!

  2. Enjoy your day off with Addison! I love her new coat and hat.