Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Party

Now that we are back from the rush of Christmas, I can catch everyone up on all of the fun that we have had for our Christmas celebrations. On the last day of school for Addison and I, she had her Christmas party with her friends at school. The party consisted of a bunch of toddlers, sitting on their benches in the Cafe, eating, making a mess, and trying to make them stay seated. They also did a $5 book exchange which is always a great thing for Addison...she is a book-aholic!! The book she received was a Cars board book (she was not too excited about that one, oh well). After the party, mommy and Addison went to the park to wear off some of the sugar energy from all the party food. All of the Canadian geese were flying in to Lubbock and seemed to congregate at the park that we were at and she loved it. There was a couple that let us have some of their bread to feed the birds and I was trying very hard to be brave so that my daughter would not be scared...but that was not a success. She jumped straight into my arms and made me feed them by myself. Oh well...we still had fun!

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