Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Artist

Addison has really been enjoying art lately. In her daycare class she is doing some form of artwork everyday. She is doing gluing, coloring, and painting. At home, she is constantly requesting to color. (Her way of saying color is culee, too cute!) She has gotten really good at it too. She will pick a color, mark on the paper and then put the top back on, then place the marker back in the cup. I wanted to also show off some off the artwork that she is doing in school. It was Pirate Day a couple of weeks ago, so they did pirate hats and colored a pirate picture. She finger painted the kite and she glued the bird together. She has tons of coloring pages that she has done, I can't get myself to throw any of them away!

Much Love,
The Reynolds


  1. Thanks for posting your latest blog. I enjoyed watching Addison color and I am amazed by how she is developing. Repeating the names of colors, etc.

    I also enjoyed seeing the Reynolds Calender.

    Well Done!!

  2. I enjoyed seeing Addison color. She is really growing fast and I was amazed to see her easily repeat the colors that you told her.

    I also enjoyed seeing the Reynolds calender