Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy Cycling

We try to go on a walk every night with Addison to get her out of the house and enjoy the nice evening weather. Well lately as we are loading her into her wagon or as we are heading back into the house, she has been pointing out our bikes. Since she is not quite developmentally ready for her own tricycle, we decided to go and get a children's trailer to put on the back of the bike so that she can ride around with us. We went to Academy Saturday evening and made our purchase and so far we can say it was money well spent. She loves crawling in it and she loves to ride in it. We put her little ducky in there to keep her company along with her water for hydration (of course)! While in the trailer she is making her voice bumpy as she rides on the bumpy concrete, it is so funny! We absolutely love giving Addison new experiences and to build on her curiosity so I hope we have successfully done so and hope that she will enjoy this new activity we can do as a family.

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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  1. She is too cute in there with her ducky! I hope Addison has many more biking adventures ahead.