Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sweet Nothings on a Pan

I love that my husband is still so loving and romantic!!...even if he does use Addison's toys. It is still so sweet.

Much Love,
The Reynolds

PS. Sorry this is a cheesy blog, but I had to share. Second, I know that there are some misspellings in Thomas' messages but there are not very many multiples in the magnet letter bucket.


  1. And he gets on to me for not being able to spell correctly. Sheesh!

  2. So, how did you come across these pans??? Trinity and I want the full story.

  3. I was doing the dishes, while Thomas and Addison were playing in the living room. We let Addison use one of our old cooking pans to put her magnetic letters on so it is always in the with her toys. When I finished with the dishes, I came out and saw my sweet note! Then he did the same thing a couple nights later.