Sunday, August 16, 2009

Our New Puppy!

Today we realized that we do not have 2 dogs in the house, but 3. Her name is Addison. Addison has decided that she truly enjoys spending time in the areas that Mally calls her bed. We bought Mally a new bed for the floor in the living room, because we do not want Mally to jump on and off of the couch with her back. When we put it down on the floor Addison crawled in it and did not want to get out of it. When we told her it was time to change her diaper, Addison remained curled up in the dog bed and Thomas had to go and pick her up. When Thomas placed her down in the bed, Mally went over there looking at her saying, "Hey!! This is my bed. GET OUT!!". After a diaper change, Mally had reclaimed her bed and Addison just decided that she needed to share and she jumped right back in. She kept looking at us and telling us, "Night Night" and curling up in the bed. Too funny!
Later today, while we were doing laundry in the bedroom, Addison decided to check out Mally's other hang out- her crate. Addison crawled right in and closed the grate and made herself at home. Mally did not see this taking place, but I bet she would not have cared too much about Addison stealing the crate. She hates being in it and would gladly have someone take it off of her hands (paws).
Luckily Addison hasn't started crawling around on all fours, licking, and barking, so I think it is safe to say that we still have our little girl.....for now!


  1. I was afraid you guys actually got another dog.

  2. Me too! And I thought, "Oh Trinity is going to try to talk me into getting that adorable Welsh Corgi he found online. How am I going to tell him that we can't get another dog?!?" Thank goodness it was just about Addison. He knows better than to ask for a baby!!! :)

  3. HAHA! Well, there have been many dogs at the dog adoptions at Pet Smart the past couple of weeks that I would love to take home with me!! I have been told no many times!! Addison though has made a good addition as a puppy though. (just kidding). It is funny to watch her crawl in and out of that crate though...she could do it forever if we let her.