Sunday, June 26, 2011

Please write your name

As school was ending, I was trying to think of some of the things that I needed to work on with Addison during the summer to get her geared up for school in the fall. I thought of all the things that our 3 year old class would do at our school (Martin) when the I was still there. One of the things that the kids really struggled with and the teachers were constantly working on was the kids writing. They worked on their names everyday. So, I knew that was something that Addison would absolutely love doing. She enjoys drawing and working at her art table, so this was going to be up her alley! Let me tell you, she has surpassed our expectations. I did not think that she would catch on this quickly to writing her name and much more.

This was the first week of the summer.  I helped her trace her name so she would understand how to follow the dots and then while talking her through it, she wrote independently on the bottom.

This was Addison writing her name on Friday.  She was so proud of it, she told me I had to take a picture! She is getting too good!

This was Addison's name today.  She did not have any help from Mommy and Daddy. Way to go girl!

After having Addison write her name everyday, she has quickly picked up a couple of great skills that are going to be so great for her in a new school, but also just great skills that all kids need. She has began to identify lowercase letters quite a bit easier and she is now spelling her first name independently. Along with taking a picture of her name, she wanted me to take picture of her spelling her name. Here she is...

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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