Monday, June 6, 2011

Finn's 6th Birthday

Our sweet boy is 6 years old today! I still remember the day we decided to make a 200 and some dollar purchase on him in the parking lot of what was Albertsons. The whole day we had been on a "search" for our new puppy. We had gone to a pet store and saw a dachsaund puppy that was super cute, but decided to sit on it for the day to make our decision. We went to the pet adoptions at PetSmart but saw nothing. After our search we went to dinner and on the way home there was a truck in the parking lot and from a far away distance I saw the sign "Beagles" I high-tailed it all the way across three lanes and screeched into the parking lot. There were two puppies left, a female which a couple was looking at and a male that was all by his lonesome. This puppy became our Finnagen. We got money out of the ATM there and took him home. He was a pedigree Beagle, but as much of you all have seen, Finn is definitely a goliath inbred beagle.
We truly love him and he is the sweetest boy! Although he drives us crazy with his car riding, kleenex, sock, and underwear stealing, and whining that goes on consistently we would not trade him for the world! We love you Finny boy and Happy Birthday!

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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