Friday, April 1, 2011

It's looking a little gray

Well, as many of you know that last Spring Break while visiting our buddies in Dallas, Addison chipped her tooth (blogged here).  I have had a lot of personal issues (Thomas does not have any) accepting that that is the tooth my daughter will have for the next 4 or 5 years until she loses it for her adult tooth. The pictures, her beautiful silly smile will always show a large chip along with her gap she already has. When it happened we made sure to ask our pediatrician about what to do and if we needed to be concerned and since there was no pain or sensitivity involved afterward there really was no need to take her to the dentist. We have gone a year with no problems and no complaints by Addison, up until now.

We were putting her to bed 2 weekends ago and we noticed that her tooth was in the gray shade, which it had never been before (I am very observant about that tooth, because I look at it all the time), never had it been that color. We thought that it might have been the icing that Addison had from a birthday she had gone to that night and prayed that by the next day we would notice a change in the color. Well, it did not.  To me it continues to get a little darker every day. I have been freaking out, a little bit vocally, and a whole whole lot internally.  I do not want my daughter to be the girl with the gray tooth! Thomas does not think it looks that bad, but I think it is just horrible.

While at Addison's music classes, I decided to ask one of the other moms that waits for her children, who by luck is a Dentist. She shared that blood can travel down into the tooth over time and unless there is pain and the look of a pimple above the tooth in the gum line to not be concerned and that there are many kids that have this happen.  Well, that put my mind at ease a little bit and I have been watching her gum area everyday! I thought we were doing okay and I had read a couple things online and thought, here we go with another cosmetic issues, I can get over this.  Well, today she complained that her front tooth was hurting her and she pointed to the "bad" tooth. Oh man, so now I am on a mission to get an appointment with one of our really great pediatric dentists and hope that there is nothing major to be worried about. My other mission is to make myself stop freaking out about her tooth and not worry about this small cosmetic issue..4 years with a gray tooth...ugh!

Much Love,
The Reynolds


  1. Let me know the damage and I can cover your dental deductable as I was the one who broke it. Also you could just use white out on it.

  2. Trin, there is no need to help pay for it! I know you were there, but we don't blame you, it was an accident, and we would never ask you to help pay! Thank you for offering! I just hope that we won't have to much pain involved with whatever procedure we have with her.

  3. Ok. Diana informed me that I wasn't thinking of a deductable. I was thinking of a co-pay. I am willing to give you your co-pay. Dependent on your deductable, i may or may not be able to afford that.