Thursday, April 21, 2011

Autism Walk

This weekend after our trip to Midland, we headed back early so that we could participate in the Lubbock Autism Walk.  Obviously, this is something that is very important to me to support.  I have 8 boys in my classroom this year that have Autism and have had and will have many more children that are affected by this disorder.  As a teacher I have tried very hard to be as involved and informed as I can be with the Autism community that we have here in Lubbock, and going to the this walk and supporting the Burkhart Center (Texas Tech's Autism center) is something I really need and want to do! I decided when getting involved in this walk that I would drag my sweet family along with me.  We had the walk at the Jones Stadium where the Texas Tech football team plays.  They had bounce houses, balloon animals, face painting and tattoos, Raider Red and the Masked Rider, and various therapy vendors for families to check out. After checking out all the neat things that they had to "hang out" at, they began the walk.  It was extremely hot and we were only able to go around a couple of times, because of my daughter's very pale skin (obviously we were not prepared with sunscreen...we were not aware that the sun was going pop out and shine heavily). We had a really great time though and we were able to support a really great event and cause!

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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