Sunday, April 3, 2011

Blue Mine

Meet the new member of our family, Blue Mine.

Last week, while doing our very frequent visits to Pet Smart, Nana was with us. We were walking over to look at the fish and she happened to say, "Addison, would you like to have to fish?" Well, for the rest of the week, Addison has been saying, "Nana you forgot to get my fish." or "Nana can we go get my fish today?" So, we promised Addison that if she was a good girl and listened to us Sunday during the day that we would go and get her a fish. Nana got her a blue beta fish and when we asked Addison what she wanted to name it, she said " blue...mine..Blue Mine is his name" So, we have a new pet named Blue Mine. I just pray that this fish survives. Thomas and I have never really done fish before so it should be a new experience!

Much Love,
The Reynolds


  1. Yay for pictures back up on the blog!! And best of luck with Blue Mine - Addison looks VERY happy to have him...or her.

  2. We are excited for pictures on the blog too! I just bought a little bit more space so I could keep it up! I enjoy blogging too much and I was dying without the pics. Addison is enjoying this fishy quite a bit.