Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Break Weekend #2

On the second day of our spring break weekend, we started out by having breakfast at La Madeline. It was so wonderful, we love it and so wish that Lubbock would decide that we are missing out and need to bring this restaurant quickly to our town. After breakfast, we took Addison over to Toys R Us to look at their swing sets. Thomas parents and my parents are going to go in together and get Addison a play set for our backyard. We found on that we liked and that was on sale so we went ahead a made a down payment on it and we should be getting it in the next 2 weeks! Happy early birthday to Addison! Addison took a nap and then she and her entourage (Uncle T, Aunt Diana, Uncle Mike, Aunt Jen, Mommy, and Daddy) were off to the Children's Museum. This was a lot of fun and Addison really enjoyed herself! I tried to add in the best photos, but I also uploaded all of them to Picasa so that you can check them out there! For the closing of out day we went to AnaMia's, a very yummy restaurant. But, the most exciting and HORRIBLE part of the day came as we were waiting to sit down to eat. Addison and Uncle T were running outside, Addison fell, buster her lip and....wait for it....chip her tooth! UGHHHHHH!!! I want to just cry every time I look at it. She is going to have her front right tooth look like that for the next 5 to 6 years. UGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I need to get over it, but it just really bothers me right now and really really really bothers me. I want to just cry! I keep thinking about her preschool pictures and the chipped tooth smile. The kindergarten photos...I can't get over it.
So there ya go, day number 2. WE have one more day to go, see you tomorrow!
Much Love,
The Reynolds

UGHHHHHHH...poor Addison's tooth....

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