Sunday, December 20, 2009

Reynolds Family Drive-In

This weekend we decided to put together one of Addison's Christmas gifts from us, because we did not want to haul it to Midland with all of the other many gifts and things that are needing to go in the car. We bought her a Little Tikes Cozy Coupe. She was very excited and continually said, "excited!" while marching around and waving her arms!! It was extremely hard for her to wait while Daddy put it together. She would continually climb in the car and then we would have to remove her to add on another piece of the car and it made her very frustrated that she could not just start playing with her new gift. Once Thomas finally put it together she jumped right in and we have not been able to get her out of it!! She has been climbing in and out of it, she has been saying, "car, driving", "keys", and she has been just sitting in it! The funniest thing I think is the fact that this morning when she was watching her morning cartoons, it was her chair. She sat with her milk in the car and watched, "Max and Ruby". It was her own little drive-in.

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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