Saturday, December 19, 2009

Santa and the minis

This year we have not had a good opportunity to have Addison take a picture with Santa. She took one last year at her school, but they did not do that this year. We were going to do it at Santa Land , but the line was HUGE! We both refuse to take her to the mall, because we just do not have the money to spend on those. Soooo...what were we going to do? I really felt that she needed to have some sort of Santa encounter where I could photograph her to save it for scrapbook usage!! I saw on the news that the local organization of theraputic mini horses were going to be out at our grocery store down the street raising money by taking pictures with the horses and Santa..PERFECT!! It would be for a good cause and we would get a Santa picture. We had been talking Santa up all day in hopes that by the time we got there she would not be scared and the little outing would be great!!! She was excited before and when we walked up to the horses and Santa. She screamed for both! This was going to be good. I was keeping my fingers crossed for the picture. Take a look....

As you can tell on her face, she was not a fan!!! We started with just her with Santa and she became very upset and she would not stay with Santa. So I thought if I got in the photo and have her sit on my lap that she would calm down. I was wrong. She started to calm down when I put her down on the ground, then the lady quickly snapped the photo. Afterwards, she quickly ran to Daddy!! Oh the fun!! Oh well, I at least got a photo and it will be something to remember always.

Much Love,
The Reynolds

PS. Tonight we took Addison by one of those amazing houses that lights up with the music! So neat!

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