Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tad's 12th week

Many of you now know that we are expecting our second baby. Thomas and Addison have decided to nickname this baby Tad for tadpole. We are now 12 weeks along and are due date is July 26th. We are so thrilled to make our family of three into a family of four. We are also so excited that Addison will be a big sister and that she will have a little brother/sister. We can't wait! We have had 2 doctors appointments so far. We have only had one issue thus far. I am severely anemic and am having to take iron pills. I was on a generic iron pill during the end of Christmas and it made me very sick to my stomach, but I am now on a slow releasing pill that is working much better. I have also had to watch what I eat so that I have high iron foods..YAY... Anyways, I am feeling great, getting bigger much faster then I did with Addison at this time, but very happy! We had a sonogram today to make sure that our due date is correct and also to check on things because of the anemia. Tad is looking great! Tad was moving around quite a bit while we measured him/her and looked at all of the body parts that have grown so far. According to our babycenter emails, Tad is about the size of a lime right now. We will have another sonogram at 20 weeks so that we can find out if Tad is a boy or girl. Addison is excited because she is going to get to be at that appointment. We plan to keep everyone updated just as we did with Addison, on the blog, so keep checking back for updates! Thank you all for all of the congrats and well wishes! We are so happy to have such a supportive and caring family to share our exciting additions in our life.
Tad's profile and arm next to the nose.

Tad's body

Tad's bottom and legs

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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