Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas in Houston

After we had our Christmas in Midland, we took the long drive down to Midland. Addison had lots of great gifts from Santa that she has enjoyed! New dance leotard, a princess tent, and more. The most important gift was a from Jon D. Salvetore(SP?) from the Aeros Hockey Team. Addison received a autographed jersey with her name on it and was able to go to the hockey game and thank him for it. During warm ups he waved at her and threw over a puck for her to keep. It was a very special evening and she enjoyed it very much. Also, while we were there we were able to indulge in some of our favorite restaurants and get some new maternity clothes (thank you mom and dad!!), since I am growing at a rapid speed..eeks. Later in another blog I will share the fun we were able to have with Lily while we were there, too. We really had a great time in Houston and we are so glad that we were able to share our Christmas with both of our families!

Much Love,
The Reynolds

PS Thank goodness for being home though!!:-) On to school/work, organizing the house, and getting my parents moved in.

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