Friday, January 6, 2012

Science Spectrum

To start our Christmas holiday, Addison had 2 days at home before Daddy was off. We decided we needed to take a trip to the Science Specturm to check out the new toddler area that they have been building for the bast year or 2. It was so great! They tried to really work in some of the ideas that you see in the bigger cities in their children's museums. They had a pretend play area that had a vet and grocery store area, which Addison absolutely loved! They also had their water play area, which they had before, but updated. There was a music room, an explorations of air area, and a place for the kids to have some movement on "cars" and bikes. After playing in that area for about an hour we ventured to the regular part of the science spectrum. She loved this, as well! We had a great time and I just love having the one on one time with her!

Much Love, The Reynolds

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  1. Addison your smile is so wonderful it fills my heart.