Sunday, February 5, 2012

Second Trimester

Well, we are officially in our second trimester.  Tad is about the size of an apple (according to babycenter) and I am 15 weeks along and feeling much bigger than I did with Addison at this time. I have started to feel random bubbles and movements in my stomach that I can definitely tell is Tad, which is sooo exciting! I am feeling pretty good other then some major exhaustion and need for sleep. I have switched to a slow releasing iron pill that is working much better. I was still experiencing pretty severe gas, heart burn, and indigestion problems with the pill up till about 2 weeks ago and those symptoms have slowly subsided. THANK GOODNESS! I am having major food cravings...especially General Tso's Chicken (not sure why? but ooo I could eat it everyday if I would allow myself).  Doctors apt.s have all gone well thus far, with the heartbeat right on target and my weight and size being no issue. We are going to be having our ultrasound to find out if the baby is a boy or girl on March 1st. We are hoping that we can head over to Midland to do a little Gender reveal get together soon after the 1st. So be thinking about if you will be a Team Boy or Team Girl! We might even have a name by then...still a hard decision for us! Addison is doing very well so far with the pregnancy.  She will talk to the baby with Thomas and she even thinks that she has a baby in her tummy. When her stomach hurts or when she eats a lot she will lift up her shirt and say "oh my baby is soo big!". She has named her baby Sissy. It is quite a funny thing to watch. Also, she has been very caring and empathic to me about the baby. She will ask how Tad is doing, how am I doing, and if Tad slept okay, and other various super sweet questions. We are so happy to tell more about the baby in upcoming months!

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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