Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving in Fredericksburg

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving in Fredericksburg. Both Ramsey family's and our little Reynolds' three headed to Fred on Wednesday. Thomas and Addison were in charge of prepping and cooking the turkey and they did marvalous job! Thursday and Friday were great days to see Addison and Lily play together. It was so cute! Addison and I also were quite sick and dreaded the night since we could not sleep because of sore throats,headaches, cold chills, and stuffiness. While the Ramsey's went walking around Main St. on Friday morning, we spent our time in the ER attempting to get some good meds that would catch us back to speed before the weekend ended and school was starting back on Monday. After a long, needed nap we all walked around some more and enjoyed a family dinner at the Brewery. Afterwards, we were able to go to the "square" in the middle of Main street where they lit up all the Christmas lights, tree, and the giant German Pyramid (sorry there are no photos of this, I did not realize we would not be going back to the house before this activity). They also had a local dance group doing the Nutcracker and the girls fell in love! We really enjoyed ourselves and it was a great 1st away Thanksgiving in Fredericksburg!

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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