Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Talent Show

On Friday, Addison had a talent show and Halloween party at her school. She was able to dress up in her costume and join all of the 3 preschool 3's classes in the Patriot Learning Center to have all the parents watch the kids to a "talent" Some got up and did forward rolls, one little girl did some sets with a volleyball, some ran to their moms not wanting to go up, and many got up and sang. Addison was one of the kiddos that sang. We decided that her talent would be to sing, "You Are My Sunshine". She did awesome, she had no fears and sang perfectly! (sorry for the video, I was trying to watch rather then watch through the video camera) Addison also had a little Halloween party, I wanted to share her spidery treats that she gave all of her friends.

Much Love, The Reynolds

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