Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pumpkin Pizza, Mummies, Fingers, and Eyeballs

For Halloween weekend, I tried to make things extra fun and special for Addison as she gets older and begins to remember and understand things that we are doing. For her Fall Festival night, I took her Papa Murphey's and let her order a pumpkin pizza! She was quite exciting about this and it tasted pretty good..and for $6 it was a pretty cheap dinner! For Sunday night, I made a fun dinner of Mummies, Ghost fingers, and Monster Eyeballs. I made all of the food and then I walked outside and pretended to go "hunting". When I came back I messed my hair up and told Addison that I had to wrestle with the ghosts and monsters, and dig up the mummies. I think I was pretty least to my 3 year old. If you look at her face, she was not to sure about everything, but once we told her what the things might taste like she was all about it.She really enjoyed the fingers and eyeballs. For dessert, we made some wonderful sugar cookies in the shape of cats, bats, witches, ghosts, and moons topped with a wonderful vanilla icing. Fun Times in the Reynolds house!

Much Love, The Reynolds

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