Friday, July 1, 2011

Swim Lessons

We were lucky to be able to do the Texas Tech swimming lessons for 10 days again this summer with Addison. In the two years previous, Addison and I have done the Mommy and Me class. This year she started the Aqua Tots for 3-5 year olds. In this class there were 16 kids that were split between 4 swim instructors. Addison was lucky to have 3 3 year olds in her class that were very much on the same level of swimming as her and she had a great instructor, Ms. Callie. In this class they give the kids the basics of swimming: going underwater, blowing bubbles, floating on the front and back, scooping, breast stroke, kicking, jumping in the water and doing "windmills" on the back. Addison did really well! She started feeling very uncomfortable with putting her head in the water when laying on her back, but by the end of it she had her head in no problem. Everytime she got in the water she automatically started swimming with kicks and scoops, so I think she has that down.
The last day was fun day! They turned on the river, the wet deck, the wading pool, and set up vollyball nets for the big kids. Addison LOVED it! They put life jackets on the little ones and they started and the wading pool and took a "shower" then they did some floating in the river and headed for the diving board. Although very scared once she saw how far down it was, she did it and there was no crying! YEA! I am so glad we have such a great place to do this with Addison and I can't wait for next summer!

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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