Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Houston Day 2

So on our second day in Houston, Mom, Addison, and I headed over to the zoo. We got there right when it opened and it was just perfect for us! There was not a whole lot of people there so we got to see and touch many things that people that showed up later did not get a chance to see and look at with the heat rising quickly and animals wanting to hide. We were able to go first to the children's museum and get the petting zoo all to ourselves and ride the carousel alone as well! It was great! We then headed to see the elephants. They were taking baths and we were able to see the babies and parents rolling and spraying in the water and it was a blast! We stood there for about 15 to 20 minutes just watching the elephants. They were so close to us and we got to really experience them. After the zoo we got to take a little swim in the neighbors pool and then head off to the Cheesecake Factory! DELICIOUS!!

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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