Monday, July 18, 2011

Houston Day 4

On Friday, the whole family headed out of town to Oil Ranch. This was a great place for farm animal lovers! We started with Daisy the milking cow. We all had the opportunity to feed her and one of her calves, and then they asked us if we would like to milk her. Mom and I tried, and I succeeded!! Addison started to reach in to milk her and then ran backward in a "forget this" sort of way. She decided it wasn't worth reaching her itty bitty hand underneath this mammoth cow! haha We then headed over for a horseback ride. I was a little upset at the length of time that they gave her. There was no one around and they only let her go around one time. It literally lasted about 2 minutes, she loved it but I wanted more for her. We then feed goats, donkeys, and sheep. We rode a train around the backside of the ranch, walked over to another feeding area with very friends goats, and then headed back to ride on the hayride. The hayride, to me, was the best part of this experience. We were able to feed cows and donkeys on the ride and they stuck their heads right through the grates and up into your personal space! It was soo great and Addison loved it! They had a pool for Addison and Nana to cool off in at the end. If you are ever in Houston and have kids, this is a great activity to do with them, as long as you don't mind up close and personal animal activities!
We then headed over to the outlets for a little shopping then headed home to get ready for Jeremy, Bethany, and Lily! We were all very excited to see them, especially Addison and I! We have not seen the since Lily was 6 months old and she is now 17 months. We let the girls play a little and then headed for Clays..with more animals and horseback riding! We had a great night and soo happy to see our neice/cousin.

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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