Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th!

This weekend we had the pleasure of hanging out with some of our great friends the Horsley's. They came and stayed Saturday night with us. Saturday was a day full of fun for our sweet girls! We took them to Home Depot so the Dad's could have some time with them building a coaster set. What was great about this outing was that both dad's ended up building the coaster holder the short way instead of the long way, therefore the coasters have to have a little push and shove to get them in and a pull and tug to get them out. Awesome Job Guys!! We then took the girls to lunch at Caprock Cafe, always a favorite for Addison! Lunch was met with back and forth of the girls talking, argueing, Addison singing, giggling, and eating, oh what fun it is to have 3 year old girls! We had planned to do some water fun with the girls, but since Brooklyn had an hurt eyebrow that could not get wet, we opted for the Science Spectrum. Naps were taken after this and then on to dinner at Blue Sky with a delicious and FUN ending at Holly Hops! Both girls got Scooper Hero, as you can see from the blue mouths. They then got up and did some juke box dancing to "Peggy Sue" or as Addison was singing, baby sue and "At the hop" They had a blast and the entire ice scream shop had a blast watching them.
Sunday the girls helped make a great 4th of July dessert that we had for lunch and then the Horsley's headed back to Midland! We loved spending the day with them and can't wait for our next visit!
For the 4th, Thomas, Addison , and I made our way to Broadway to watch the parade. It was lots of fun and very very long! We also had some great brisket burritos and corndogs!! YUM! As you can see Addison was done by 12:00! Although no fireworks are to be seen this 4th of July we sure did enjoy our sweet family's day of celebrating!

Much Love and Happy 4th,
The Reynolds

All the photos from the weekend are up on picasa

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