Friday, June 18, 2010

Paging Dr. Addison

Addison found out yesterday that her buddy Brooklyn hurt her head the other day and had to go to the doctor. After hearing this she continuously walked around talking about Brooklyn's owie, having her own owie, and going to the doctor. She decided that she needed to be a doctor so I went and gathered up materials to aid her pretend play. She came up with the laundry basket as the table on her own. I got a hair band, a pipe cleaner, and foam circle to become her stethoscope. The rest was out of her first aid kit. She has really enjoyed playing Dr. I have even been Dr. Mommy to Addison. Thomas and I just love her imagination and we are willing to do anything to keep it thriving and growing! Here is some pictures of Dr. Addison in action with her patient, Sophie!

Dr. Addison getting ready to look over Sophie
Sophie is getting her temperature checked. Fever or no fever?

 This is Dr. Addison's shot tool.  Hmm...I would be afraid Sophie!

Dr. Addison is giving Sophie medicine to make her feel better.

Take a deep breathe in and out.

This is how you say "Ahhh"

Lastly, a bandage for Sophie's head.  A band-aid makes everything feel better!

Yay! Dr. Addison you saved Sophie! You made her feel so much better! By the way, did you see Dr. Addison's very stylish doctor's basket! Too cute! Trendy Doctor!

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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