Tuesday, June 29, 2010


On Sunday we took Addison to the Science Spectrum for their annual, Critterfest. This is a great event for the kids in Lubbock to look and touch animals. Since we do not have a zoo here in town or anything close to it, it is a very big deal! Addison was able see her friend the camel that was at the library at the beginning of the summer. They had a gator show and a tiger show, but we only saw the gator show because the tiger show was out of control with people. She was able to see different reptiles and touched 2 snakes (she described them as "slimy") She petted some giant rabbits and a hamster, they had many different dogs, petting zoo animals, and her best event was the horse back riding. It was only like a 2 minute ride, but she LOVED it! She kept saying YEE-HAW! We had a great Sunday afternoon and we think that Addison had a great time!

There are more pics of the event on Facebook!

Much Love,
The Reynolds


  1. You should not let her touch snakes. She is too young to realize that they will come in the middle of the night and kill you. Then she will see a rattle snake and think she can pet it. Or be strangled by a boa constrictor when you aren't looking. Shame on you.

  2. What were you doing up at 5:49 AM?????

  3. The same thing you were doing at 6:09 AM. The clock is wrong on Blogger settings.